Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lady Dior Glamorizes Moscow

Back In The D.I.O.R.

Despite the recent shadow cast over the House of Dior, Marion Cotillard reprises her role as its Lady Dior ambassador whose global advertising saga hits the city of Moscow. Today, Womens Wear Daily unveiled the newest image from Dior's international print campaign featuring a lounging Cotillard with the colorful St. Basil's Cathedral as the backdrop. With the iconic Lady Dior handbag as its centerpiece, the advertisement depicts the bag in a striking red tweed construction which will land in shops and boutiques beginning in May.

Not only does Moscow signify Lady Dior's most recent visit, but the House of Dior is also anticipating a major exhibit at the Pushkin Museum as well as the reopening of its lavish Stoleshnikov boutique.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chanel - A Woman of Her Own

Chanel Bible

For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by the late and great fashion empress known only by the name of Gabrielle Chanel. From her invention of comfortable sportswear and crafting one of the most recognizable fragrances in the entire world to her recounts of her one true love with an aristocratic Englishman, Chanel was a woman of countless facets and one that has captivated me for life. I've read thoroughly about this remarkable woman for quite some time, however, upon reading Axel Madsen's biography of the legendary couturier, titled "Chanel - A Woman of Her Own", I'm discovering several new facts about her life to which I was unfamiliar. Without going into much detail, Madsen's book enlightens readers to numerous events in Chanel's long life causing one to marvel how she managed to retain her strength and admirable perseverance. With each turning page of the book, which includes thorough quotes from Chanel herself, it feels as though I'm witnessing her legend unfold or I imagine myself somehow an integral part of it. She's one of those rare people, like Christian Dior, whom I feel very much similar to and need to absorb anything and everything related to them. If anyone has a desire to foray into the world of a fashion icon, my humble suggestion is to immediately obtain this book and begin reading its contents. When the subject matter is Chanel, one will not be disappointed.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chanel RTW Autumn/Winter 2011/2012

Apocalypse Now

Darling, shall we dress our best for Armageddon? Indeed, at least according to Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld has unveiled a fairly dark presentation with a matching post-apocalyptic backdrop for Paris Fashion Week. The set-up at the Grand Palais was quite profound featuring smoke, fog, and ash descending upon the barren wasteland and a runway comprised of metal planks. The fashion, however, was equally striking. Given the number of female models styled with trousers and blazers, there was absolutely no hidden agenda for the inspiration behind the new fall collection: menswear. With boxy shapes to tailored silhouettes, the designs were loyal to Chanel's trademark aesthetic of practicality and simple elegance. Complementing the rather gloomy presentation was the overall dominance of blacks, greys, and whites with rare appearances of a deep red or dark green. Still, the collection was strong and would probably please Coco Chanel herself, especially with models posing with firm expressions and hands in pockets as she did. Nonetheless, the apocalypse looks to be relatively promising if styled by the House of Chanel.

All photos courtesy of Womens Wear Daily

Friday, March 4, 2011

Christian Dior RTW Autumn/Winter 2011/2012

One word: Dior

Quite simply, the show must go on. As awkward and intense as the past week may have been for the label, Christian Dior has prominently and respectfully proven why they are the most important house in the entire fashion industry. Shortly before commencing today's wonderful ready-to-wear presentation, Dior president Sidney Toledano delivered a brief statement on recent events followed by the foundations and core values of the renowned fashion label. “What has happened over the last week has been a terrible and wrenching ordeal for us all,” Toledano said. “It has been deeply painful to see the Dior name associated with the disgraceful statements attributed to its designer, however brilliant he may be. These statements have deeply shocked and saddened us all at Dior who give body and soul to their work, and it is particularly painful that they came from someone so admired for his remarkable creative talent".

Noticeably absent of course was John Galliano and his personal design team. Nonetheless, the new collection was fairly pleasing to one's eye.

With a delightfully French aesthetic in mind, models trotted down the catwalk in a colorful array of practical, yet stylish, sportswear catered to a more youthful appearance. There were few references of Galliano's affection towards Dior's signature bar jacket which has been shown quite frequently in past collections. Still, plenty ensembles featured lovely pleated skirts in various colors and prints to slim-silhouette blazers and coats. Sporting softer make-up and hair compared to previous runway shows, several models were clad in fur wrist and neck-warmers and toting the iconic Lady Dior handbag in a variety of styles and colors. In all, John Galliano's final ready-to-wear collection for the label was a somber reminder that this genius' vision will no longer be shared with Christian Dior.

Nevertheless, today's presentation signified a promising future and outlook for the legendary House of Dior.

All photos courtesy of Womens Wear Daily.