Friday, August 26, 2011

Darren Hayes' Two New Singles & NYC Album Playback Session

Secret Codes and Battleships

With his immensely high quality pop music, this genius of a man never disappoints. After the lead single's June reveal, "Talk Talk Talk", taken from his forthcoming studio album "Secret Codes & Battleships", Darren Hayes releases two new tracks for different territories across the globe. First, Black Out The Sun will see a release of October 2 in UK & the rest of the world while "Bloodstained Heart" is slated for a 5 September release in Australia.

As for the album, I was lucky enough to be selected to attend an incredibly exclusive playback session at the Soho House for Secret Codes & Battleships here in New York City. Without going into much detail, the album opens with an epic number and bookends by closing with an equally stunning track. Throughout the album, deep melodies soar, smooth electronic production prevails, all the while Darren's magical vocals pierce what felt like every nerve ending in my body. Shortly before the album playback, Darren recorded a video for attendees stating he felt this album was his best work yet. He was right. :)

Black Out The Sun:
This video, and track, can be summed up quite concisely in two words: remarkably epic.

Bloodstained Heart (Animated Lyric Video)
Stunning, stunning, stunning. :)

Darren's new album, Secret Codes & Battleships, is scheduled to drop 17 October 2011.

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