Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Hierarchy of Perfumes

"Perfume is the finishing touch of a dress." - Christian Dior

Parfum? Eau de Parfum? Eau de toi-what? When shopping for fragrances, it's safe to say the average consumer is rather unfamiliar with the meanings behind these charming French terms. Nonetheless, there is definitely a solid and clear hierarchy when it comes to the seemingly endless supply of perfumes and colognes found across the globe. What separates them from one another is both fragrance composition and concentration:
CHANEL's Bois Des Iles parfum

Parfum - The pinnacle and purest of fragrance. This composition, also known as simply "perfume" or "perfume extract", offers the scent at its most concentrated, powerful, and intense with a formula that is intended for long-lasting wear. Undeniably, it is the fullest expression of the perfumer's artistry and expertise.
Application tips: Delicately place the parfum inside the wrists, behind the ears, neck, décolleté, and even behind the knees. These pulse points allow the fragrance to fully develop and emit from your skin.

Christian Dior's Bois D'Argent from La Collection Privée (My daily fragrance & absolute favorite)

Eau de Parfum - If Parfum is the king of all fragrances, then Eau de Parfum is its queen counterpart. Although the parfum content in this concentration is slightly lower, still very potent nonetheless, Eau de Parfum may be used more generously.
Application tips: Most commonly found in spray form, apply to the neck, wrists, and behind the ears. One may also spray the fragrance in the air and simply walk into the mist.
Christian Dior's Dior Homme

Eau de Toilette - The most common of men's fragrances, Eau de Toilette has far less parfum content than both parfum and eau de parfum. It is typically best used in the morning or daytime.
Application tips: For longer wear and lasting hold, spritz the fragrance around you and even in your hair. To add a charming effect that will follow you throughout the day, spray the scent on your jacket or coat collar.

Eau de Cologne - The weakest level of the perfume hierarchy. The parfum content in this composition is quite low and tends to dissipate after a short few hours of wear.

François Demachy, Christian Dior's exceptional Perfumer-Creator, offers his expertise, artistry, and passion for the world of perfumery.

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