Saturday, March 17, 2012

BOY CHANEL Handbag Campaign

Alice Dellal for BOY CHANEL

Oh Boy! As it is well known that Coco Chanel drew immense inspiration from her personal life for her couture house, chief-designer Karl Lagerfeld continues the legacy by unveiling a new line of handbags devoted to the love of her life. The new line, titled BOY CHANEL, is an irrevocable homage to Mademoiselle's iconic relationship with English captain Arthur "Boy" Capel. With sleek line borders to portray Boy's inimitable masculinity blended with the unmistakable Chanel diamond quilting in its center to convey Mademoiselle's timeless elegance, the new Boy Chanel handbag looks to be a rather flawless symbolic representation of their undying romance.

Coco Chanel & Sir Arthur "Boy" Capel, 1913

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