Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Way You Walk

Walk it out.

Slouched? Swagger? Sluggish? Far too common it seems that people may have put together a fairly attractive ensemble only to completely void the entire look simply by a dreadful walk. More importantly, the way in which you move has the power to convey your vitality, personality, and character in an either positive light or rather detrimental one. Remember, one cannot be graceful and elegant if they do not carry themselves well.

Integral walking tips:

1. With each step, your legs are the the first part of your body that lead the journey, therefore, do not hunch over while walking to your destination.
2. One must also become accustomed to walking with their shoulders back, chin up, and eyes forward, not glaring down at the dire pavement.
3. The beauty of fabric on one's body flows and sways vastly different depending on the way you move, so do not let the clothing wear you.

Nonetheless, men and women alike have their own degree of elegance and gracefulness, so be mindful of the way you present yourself to the rest of the world.

"Some people have a natural gift for moving gracefully. But if it does not come naturally to you, then you have to cultivate the art. It is ridiculous to wear beautiful clothes and then slouch along or sit in a slovenly manner so that they quickly become creased like rags." - Christian Dior

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