Sunday, January 2, 2011

Color Chronicles: These Grey Days

Grey in my typical style of dressing (Left).
Grey Chanel dress & coat (Right).

Perhaps the sky can appear quite grey at times, however, such words cannot be applied towards this color when one is an undeniable fashion staple in any given wardrobe. Striking as it is elegant, grey, above all, is the most convenient neutral color one can use to their utmost advantage in all great ensembles. Whether for day or night, whatever your favorite color may be, you can be safely assured that you can pair it successfully with grey. Highly advisable it is for both men and women alike to own several pieces and shades of this remarkable color in order to have a well-rounded wardrobe.

With good dressing comes good taste, therefore, be mindful of the following vital tips upon selecting the grey that is best suitable for you:

1. If you are big, select a darker shade of grey as it will make you appear slimmer. The opposite is true for those who are small or fairly thin; select a lighter grey.

2. If you’re of a medium/olive skin tone, be sure to wear a medium to dark grey which will pair nicely with your look. For fair-skinned men and women, a lighter grey will convey a more youthful appearance.

3. Light eyes = light shade; dark eyes = dark shade.

Largely as it pairs well with all colors, it is also essential and fairly wise to own accessories in grey (neckties, scarves, gloves, bow-ties).

Several grey pieces from my personal wardrobe

" The most convenient, useful, and elegant neutral color. Lovely in flannel, lovely in tweed, lovely in wool. There is nothing more elegant than a wonderful grey." - Christian Dior

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