Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh, This HURTS So Good

The Album of 2010

Indeed kind ladies and gentlemen, if this is what anguish feels and sounds like, I wouldn't pose any hindrance towards myself surrendering to such beautiful affliction. Hailing from Manchester, England, haunting vocalist Theo Hutchcraft and synth-player Adam Anderson comprise the well-dressed British electronic duo known only as HURTS. From melodic harmonies to orchestra-induced bridges, their stunning debut album, Happiness, delivers the utmost quality and freely holds the title of being my unequivocal favorite album of 2010. Currently embarked on a sold-out tour across the United Kingdom, it would seem the future for HURTS is perhaps not so painful after all.

The art direction in their videos is quite stunning and resembles high-fashion editorials. Nonetheless, the visuals flawlessly parallel the tone of which the songs convey.

Current single, "Stay" (My favorite so far. The chorus' beauty is undeniable)

Wonderful Life

Confide In Me - Live (Absolutely stunning live vocals from Theo covering Kylie Minogue's iconic 1994 hit)

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