Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Beauty & Splendor of Haute Couture

Gisele Bündchen & Linda Evangelista walking for Christian Dior Haute Couture

Extreme. Elegant. Extravagant.

These are a minor few adjectives that can be used to describe the intricate art known only as haute couture. Synonymous with "high fashion", haute couture is the highest level of prestige offered in the fashion industry today. Undeniably a French expression, the term essentially translates as "high sewing", a process in which lavish garments are designed and tailored to specific measurements of a woman's body. Using the most luxurious fabrics with intensely exquisite detailing, some of which utilize endless amounts of diamonds and pearls, haute couture gowns are produced in extremely limited quantities. Largely due to the intense workmanship required, with prices that begin in the thousands of dollars, only a small group of wealthy women worldwide possess the ability to experience the most beautiful luxury fashion has to offer.

Pure Opulence

Naturally, a perfect example of this exquisiteness is Christian Dior's 2007/2008 Autumn/Winter haute couture fashion show. Also the year of Dior's 60th anniversary, John Galliano dedicated his remarkable presentation to Monsieur Christian Dior and cited inspiration from his revolutionary 1947 debut, the Corolle line. Quite plainly, this landmark collection is fashion in its purest art form.

Please view with the utmost of respect and enjoyment.

"Couture is the marriage of design and material. There are many instances of perfect harmony." - Christian Dior

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