Thursday, December 16, 2010

Diorable Luxe For Less

Century 21 Department Store, Financial District, New York City

Shock! Horror! Who says you need to be a millionaire to dress like one? Indeed, not this gentleman for I seem to battle no hindrance towards finding top designer products for a mere fraction of the cost. With each rising day, I'm perpetually yearning for new ways to express myself through fabric which is achieved simply by knowing how and where to shop.

Each week, for the past month or so, I find myself hopping on the E train eagerly journeying to the Financial District. One might assume I'm heading down to J&R Music World to check out the latest arrivals of imported UK music. Instead, however, I'm steadily marching towards the biggest off-price department store in Manhattan known simply as, Century 21. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this massive retailer is where you'll want to mark your next shopping trip (That is unless, of course, you'll mind the immense amount of tourists floating about the shop shortly after their visit to the WTC construction site). After several instances of bumping and banging my red shopping trolley into oncoming consumers, I managed to scoop up some rather lovely designer pieces that would normally cost a shiny penny.

Raspberry pink Valentino scarf with tassels (95% wool, 5% silk. Ooooh, classy fabric composition! - made in Italy) and a SAND raspberry-pink/orange/pink tie (100% silk, made in Italy)
Valentino scarf: Retails at $350. Purchased for a mere $50
SAND tie: Retails at $120. Purchased for $30
I think perhaps I will be a boy pretty in pink tomorrow. Diorable Style, indeed.

Givenchy two-sided blueberry & black 100% merino wool scarf (Made in Italy)
Givenchy blueberry mini-diamond pattern 100% silk tie (Made in Italy)
Scarf: Retails at $250. Purchased for $30
Tie: Retails at $200. Purchased for $20

Total retail price: $350 + $120 + $250 + $200 = $920
Total price paid: $50 + $30 + $30 + $20 = $130
Total savings: $810

The epitome of all discounted designer purchases occurred only two weeks ago when I snatched a lovely extra-extra-long, runway-featured Givenchy scarf. Retail: $800. Paid: $40. (I do believe, however, this to be vastly mis-marked)
Super-long, 100% virgin wool runway scarf by Givenchy Homme.

For locations, store-hours, and directions:

"Many people dismiss couture as being something that is only for those who are very wealthy. But it is possible for men and women to be elegant without spending very much money on their clothes." - Christian Dior

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