Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fall 2011: Classic Brit for a Modern Male

Isaia's wool suit, Hickey Freeman cotton shirt, Canali tie

English tea, English politeness, English gentlemen, English fashion...

The well-tailored gentleman look has prominently returned to modern day fashion and is in full effect. It's quite typical for me to dress in a traditional English-tailored full ensemble which includes: Oxford-button down shirts, classic woolen waistcoats (vests), jackets/blazers/overcoats, rounded out with my two favorite accessories, the necktie and scarf. More of my fellow gentlemen should be dressing in such inimitable style to which I refer to as "proper" attire. British culture is amongst my favorite and their eminent history with fashion is undeniably chic and flawless.

Just yesterday evening, as I was paying for cup of tea at a local cafe, a lovely cashier prompted a conversation with me:
Her: "Do you always dress like that?"
Me: "Typically, yes." (I was wearing an outfit similar to the one described above)
Her: "That is so awesome. You always come in looking great. More guys should be dressing like you."
Me: "Thank you kindly and I couldn't agree with you more. "

It ended with mutual smiling and a departing salutation, one of which I greatly appreciated and respected.

The average fellow should abandon thoughts that such outfits are only worthy of special occasions and embrace what fashion has gifted us with: tailored, timeless, fashionable looks. Once again, I'm a gentleman that dresses traditionally and takes full advantage of these looks as they will never go out of style.

Next fall sees fashion retailers offering classic British styles in tweeds, herringbones, plaids, and flannels using fabrics which provide more body and pattern.

Ben Sherman jacket, John Varvatos wool pants, Paul Stuart Tie

Perry Ellis jacket, Oxxford wool pants, Kenneth Cole wool coat, Hackett tie, Gitman Gold shirt

Joe by Joseph Abboud wool jacket, Hart Schaffner Marx wool pants, Isaia cotton shirt, Steven Alan tie

"It is the fitting that helps to emphasize the loveliness of yourself and to hide the little faults you may have. A good fit is something very difficult to obtain and you can never spend too much time on it." - Christian Dior

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