Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Be genuine, be elegant, be fashionable, be timeless, be Diorable.


Greetings ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Diorable Style.

Firstly, thank you for merely taking the time to click and enter my very first blog. I greatly and graciously appreciate it as I hope you return on a rather frequent basis to stay abreast with what I will offer you. Concisely and simply put, the following topics will be of main focus and conveyed to my precious readers:
1. Fashion
Largely implied by the title, Diorable Style, indeed this blog's main focal point will be that of the historic, ever-changing, awe-inspiring world that is fashion. Since childhood, through my marvelous grandmother who designed and created incredible clothing to my own affinity for the master himself, Monsieur Christian Dior, I've thoroughly respected and cherished fashion as a whole. Thanks to my lifelong adoration for this industry and subsequent thorough studies on the subject, I will be offering readers, males and females alike, trend/color/style updates, runway reports, styling tips and advice for good dressing, as well as shopping location suggestions. Beauty and grooming also make up the fashion industry and a properly executed well-rounded look, so expect to read posts on said topics as well.
I will also update with my own daily adventures with fashion (Whether it be my outfit of choice for the day to my endless photographing of street fashions and boutique/department store windows). This blog will have absolutely no individuality without the author's own journeys on the subject matter for which I hope you will find to be enjoyable and inspiring for your very own expeditions in fashion.
Those dear to me know full well of my pure affinity for the aforementioned Christian Dior (Yes, you've guessed correctly that the blog title is a complete homage to the iconic pioneer himself and the photo displayed above is of his iconic 1947 Bar suit sketch from his critically acclaimed debut collection, Corolle). Dior crafted an inimitable fashion empire, my personal favorite, one of which that continues to excel with class, style, and undeniable modernity. I will regularly quote Monsieur Dior and use his words as honorable references throughout the vitality of this blog.
2. Music
Ahhh, the wonderful world of song that undeniably, and literally, moves and shakes us to the core. Music is inspired by fashion and fashion by music, so why not collectively report on both lovely industries? As stated earlier, primarily I will be focusing on fashion, but music will be reported on as well to keep everyone informed on talented singers/groups and subsequent songs and album releases.
3. Healthy living
As my lovely parents raised me on natural/organic foods with a thorough emphasis on physical activity, I'm an avid promoter of healthy lifestyles. Often enough, I will offer personal advice on proper dieting and exercise. God, science (or what ever you believe) gifted us with one precious vessel to journey around life in, so please be mindful and take great care of this invaluable body. More importantly, how can one have Diorable Style without taking care of their priceless form? :)

Other topics may pop up from time to time, but the aforementioned three will be discussed more so than others. Once again, fashion will be the vitality of this blog.

In closing my first post, I hope you enjoy this journey with me and choose to use my words, opinions, and advice to your advantage.

Grab a nice mug of tea, relax, sit back, and welcome to Diorable Style :)

"Be marvelous, be elegant, be fashionable, be timeless, be Diorable."


- Angelo (a.k.a. Diorable)

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  1. Good stuff Angelo! Looking forward to reading your fashion tips!