Friday, December 17, 2010

What Choo Say? Couture Shoe Company Hits 15 Today

Feline, Autumn/Winter 2010

Incomparably sexy shoe design company Jimmy Choo celebrates its 15th anniversary today with a splendid portfolio to boot . Combining just the right amounts of class, sophistication, and sensuality, the London-based designer has amazed the fashion world with his unmistakable couture shoes and bags which are seen on the red carpet, catwalk, and sidewalks across the globe.

Gentlemen, which pair will you Choos to gift your lovely lady with?

Glenys, Autumn/Winter 2008

Macy, Autumn/Winter 2005

Monna L, Cruise 2009

Glint, Autumn/Winter 2009

Madonna, what Choo carrying?

"You can never take too much care in selecting shoes. Too many women think that because they are low down, shoes do not matter, but it is by her feet that you can judge whether a woman is elegant or not." - Christian Dior

All photos courtesy of WWD.

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